Career Coaching

Longing for a career that fits you perfectly and uses your best strengths and skills? One that also lets you balance work and play and is in tune with your deepest hopes and values? Innerview specializes in helping mid-career professionals refocus their careers by assessing their strengths and using them to create new opportunities.

“Dean facilitated my career transition by carefully assessing my unique combination of education, experience, and expertise. He helped me identify professional and personal traits that distinguish me as well as those that challenge me. That insight has allowed me to clarify my career goals and confidently achieve them.”
—Lisa L. Love, Ph.D., Market Research Manager

skillsSteps to Career Success
The approach we take depends on your career history, level of self-knowledge, and other factors, but it usually involves at least one of the following:

  • Career review. Receive an objective, in-depth analysis of your career progress and goals. Come away with a positive, yet realistic, plan for moving forward.
  • Career assessments. Dig deeper into the interests, aptitudes, and values that make you who you are and that lead to success when they form the basis of your work.
  • Job search strategies. Learn strategies for job search, networking, and interviewing that mesh with your goals, temperament, and preferred communication style.

While career issues will be our main focus, Innerview can also help you address personal and family issues that may be affecting your ability to move forward with your career.

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