Career Compatibility Scale

Is Your Job Working for You?

sample ccs report

Sample CCS Report

The Career Compatibility Scale (CCS©) helps you understand what motivates you and what you value at work—and whether your current job is meeting your needs. The CCS measures your satisfaction with:

  • Your level of influence at work
  • The feedback you get from your boss
  • Your relationships with coworkers
  • The level of challenge in your job
  • Your company’s mission and values
  • And many other factors that affect how you experience your job and workplace

Armed with these insights, you’ll be ready to take action—whether it’s to stay in your current job and make any needed adjustments, or look for a new opportunity.

How it Works

You answer questions based on nine key themes that affect your satisfaction at work: Boss, Environment, Influence, Organization, People, Purpose, Recognition, Team, and Task/Challenge. Once you complete the CCS, you receive a personalized report that indicates the themes that are most important to you and explains the gaps between what’s important to you at work and what you’re actually experiencing. For the three themes in which you’re experiencing the greatest gaps, you also learn practical strategies for improvement.

Why Take the CCS?

The better you understand yourself and your work environment, the easier it is to take positive action on your career. And, whether you decide to stay in your current job or pursue another opportunity, you gain a deeper understanding of your top work motivators, knowledge you will benefit from both now and in future jobs you may hold.


For the price of your name and email address, receive a free career assessment—the Career Compatibility Scale (CCS)!

The CCS offers you the opportunity to see if your current job/role are meeting your needs. Not only does this tool allow you to see what aspects of work are being met, but you’ll better understand what factors are most important to you and a process of improving your situation.

Normally, people would pay $22.50 to take this assessment, but by sharing your email with us, you will be able to take the CCS and get an 18-page report.  You benefit by getting free information. We benefit by gaining a larger database of participants and wider exposure to our assessment tool. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback about the instrument which can lead to improvements of our instrument.

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