Organizational Consulting

In today’s fast-paced, project-driven workplace, effective teams are critical for success. Innerview specializes in helping managers, team leaders, and other professionals build strong teams that get results:

“We appreciated Dean’s ability to handle sensitive issues within the group dynamics. We would not hesitate to invite Dean back for additional staff training. We value his contribution to the teaching and learning process.”
— Stephanie Allyn, Liz Cole, and Nora Flueger, Teachers, S.T.E.P.S. Program, St. Paul Public Schools

pathTeam Dysfunction and How to Solve It
What makes a team dysfunctional? There are many causes, but conflicting communication styles, individual performance issues, and ineffective leadership are among the most common. Innerview works with you to explore:

  • Conflicting communication styles. Learn why different temperaments can result in communication conflicts, and how to turn this issue around by using these differences to advantage in your projects.
  • Individual performance issues. If a key team member is struggling, so, inevitably, will the team as a whole. Take action to evaluate and resolve the situation so the team gets back on track.
  • Team leadership and effectiveness issues. To be effective, teams require a subtle mix of direction and autonomy. Learn when to lead, and when to let go, so your team functions at its best.

Other consulting services.
Innerview also consults with organizations on employee recruitment and selection, career and leadership development, change management, and outplacement. To discuss how we might help you and your organization achieve greater effectiveness through team building and other strategies, contact us today.

In addition to consulting, Innerview offers seminars on team-building, respectful workplace and other topics. Learn about our Speaking & Seminar services.